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We have moved!
The month of August will be a time of huge transition for us
as we have left our long-time home and so many friends.
As my husband puts it, we have embarked on
a whole new adventure, a new chapter in our lives.

You can still order from Amberlane
but we might be a bit slower than normal at shipping at first.
There are so many boxes!!

All mail will be forwarded so don’t worry about anything sent by post.
Please note our new phone number if you wish to call.

All changes have been posted here on the web site and will be in my next newsletter.
The e-mail will remain the same.
I’d love to hear from you any time.

Thank you so much, Judith

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Preemie Boy

May this site be a helpful resource for those who appreciate needles, thread and things beautifully made.

Visit Contact Us and find out about “Pleating by Mail” and where Judith will be teaching.

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or go to Other Designers to see the other pattern companies we distribute.

At Thread Boxes/Notions you will find pleater boxes, rods and other accessories.
Visit Judith’s Blog for tips and ideas or sign up for her Newsletter here.

Thank you for visiting Amberlane. Come again often.

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