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"Twisted Cables Primer"

Cables are the foundation of smocking, but the term can be found in other places too. If you are a knitter, you know all about the cables that are used in traditional Fisherman Knit Style Sweaters. We can translate these beautiful cable formations into smocking patterns that are fun to stitch and can be very creative when colour is introduced.

The Twisted Cables Design Primer originated as a smocking design for the pattern Summer Breeze, a ladies’ night gown. The smocking design evolved into a thought-provoking class for intermediate to advanced smockers. It is now available in booklet format so you can explore all the possibilities and try your hand a creating new ‘twisted cables’ of your own.

There are lots of ideas and, at the end, three challenge graphs for you to try. Like a puzzle, this technique becomes addictive! So, pick up your needles and threads to give this a try.

You will want a couple of pieces of pleated fabric, a package of needles for smocking and three colours of embroidery floss each in light, medium, and dark values (total 9 skeins) to stitch your way through the graphs in this Primer.

Price: $10.00

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"Just the Stitches, Please"

A 'Learn-to-Smock Primer'. This new booklet, in its own zip locked bag, has been set up to allow you to teach yourself when a class is not available. It contains illustrations of each of the basic stitches in a progressive order as well as a simple design plate suitable for a beginner garment and brief instructions for a needle book project. When accompanied by a piece of pleated fabric, a package of needles and two skeins of floss you are all set to begin smocking.

Price: $6.00
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"La Monique - an Heirloom Sewing Primer"

This is a beautiful heirloom sewn pillow made from the sheerest of Swiss Batiste, the finest of French Val laces and beautiful batistes. The pattern sets out the basic techniques that form the foundation of all heirloom sewing in an easy to follow format. This pattern contains a Glossary of Terms and Techniques. It is set up to allow you to build a notebook of reference material. A must for every heirloom-sewing enthusiast!

Price: $7.00