doll bed and linen
The Dolly's Designer Bed (& Linen Pattern)

Every dolly needs a dream bed. We have provided you with a hand worked bed frame and foam mattress.
If you have ordered the bed there is very little to do to assemble it. Just follow the instructions in the order given. (They are easier than Ikea!) The bed comes ready to finish – you can leave it as is and let it age to a golden patina, give it a coat of lacquer, add a stamping design, paint a design by hand, paint it in a colour of your choice. It is all up to you.

And now you can create the ultimate in designer bedding and linen to match. The way you dress this bed is what makes it so special. This pattern provides the basic instructions to make sumptuous bedding as beautiful as any European designer’s bed.

There is a “Sunrise Pillow” which incorporates all the techniques used in the other pieces and makes a great lesson in intermediate techniques. In the pattern instructions for this pillow you will learn to create corded tucks, faggotting, piping and hemstitching. These techniques can be used to create the duvet on the other pillows. If you are not familiar with basic heirloom sewing techniques, you can order “La Monique, an Heirloom Primer” by Judith Marquis from Amberlane & Amberpetites,
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The basic instructions are included for making everything from the mattress cover out - from pillow shams and European style sheets to neck roll pillows and bed skirt. Make the pieces you choose or use these instructions as a guide to design your very own!

This pattern assumes you are making your doll’s bedding from new textiles but there is nothing to say that you cannot make use of some family heirlooms, antique linens or well-loved linens that may have a stain or be worn in areas that make them less than practical for everyday use. It is your choice – you can choose which pieces to make and whether to make them plain or embellished to the hilt!! Just have fun and enjoy dressing your beautiful dolly’s bed.

Bed hand-crafted and designed by Marquis. Our beds are shipped flat and include the foam mattress.
Please enquire about shipping charges.

Bed, foam mattress and basic bedding instructions.

Price: $87.00
doll clothing rack
The Dolly's Clothes Rack

These handsome clothes racks were designed in solid wood for today’s popular 18" dolls.

The racks come ready-to-finish, sanded to a silk-like finish. You can paint them, add a store-bought decal, finish them with a lacquer spray or leave them to age to a beautiful honey golden patina.

There are optional diamond-shaped ‘collars’ available upon request to
enhance the appearance of your rack. You have the option of square
or tapered ends.

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Our doll clothes racks are shipped flat so assembly is required. The columns are threaded to screw into the base so no tools are required but full instructions are included and once assembled you won’t need to do it ever again.

Price: $40.00
Hand Crafted and Designed by Marquis.
Please enquire about shipping charges.
The dimensions are 24"L x 7 ¼"W X 17 ½"H;
the height from the base to the hanger bar is approximately 16".
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