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The Pink Collection
The Pink Chocolate Collection
This grouping was originally designed for an exhibit at a London, Ontario art gallery several years ago. There were four Styrofoam shapes in the collection, a Disc, a Slice, a Box, and a Ball. Each one offers a challenge to smock and/or assemble. Take the time to explore each shape.

The colours in the designs were essentially white, pale pink, pale milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. (Think of Neapolitan ice cream!) Make use of the given colour pallet or create one of your own. In the case of the “Slice”, the grading of the colours and use of beads makes the colours, in the design, work.

Interesting ways of finishing the pieces have been given as well, such as concertina roses and double bows. The design plates can be used elsewhere of course, and the stitches may offer a challenge also. The collection would make an interesting class for a smocking teacher as there is lots to explore.

Price: $4.00 each

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The Chocolate Disc
This design features the Van Dyke stitch in pale pink on dark chocolate satin and beautiful, luxurious concertina roses.
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The Neapolitan Slice
Think of a brick of Neapolitan ice cream! The subtle colour changes in the stitching and beads are used here in Van Dyke waves that form an all over pattern of diamonds.
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The Neapolitan Box
Another shape and a different stitch, the triple surface honeycomb, which creates a beautiful texture. Top it off with a double loopy bow.
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The Pink Netting Ball
White fabric is transformed into a delicately textured pink by pleating two fabrics as one. Turn the ball on its side for a unique look and finish the ends with white ‘frosting’ and dark chocolate concertina roses.
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Hearts for You
Here is a smocked ball that introduces you to a little stacking of cable stitches to create a heart. Makes a great beginner lesson. Top it with a loopy bow and maybe a spider web on the bottom. Choose your season and colour scheme accordingly.

Price: $4.00
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Smocked Christmas Crackers Leaflet
The Christmas Cracker is an English tradition that dates back in the 1800’s but continues to grace our tables to this day. Its shape lends itself to other uses such as sachets for the bathroom or guest room or party favours for the bridal table, filled with little gifts or scented potpourri. Making your own allows you to personalize the fillings to the guest. Have fun with these and start a family “green” holiday tradition! Two smocking designs are included, a beginner and advanced.

Price: $4.00
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Feather Stitch Christmas Ball
Another beautiful Christmas ball for you to stitch. This time the feather stitch runs around the ball in waves that form a diamond. Step waves (trellis) swirl towards the ends, finished off with a spider web and a ribbon rosette. Smock in white and silver metallic threads on a dark background or reverse the colours and work on white! Have fun exploring this unique advanced design.

Price: $4.00
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Smocked Christmas Tree Ball
A smocked Christmas tree ball decoration featuring vertical smocking and the Vandyke stitch in an advanced level design. Stretch your stitching repertoire and give this Christmas Ball a try. ©2012

Price: $4.00
Easter Balls Designs
Large Easter Eggs
For centuries Easter Eggs have been decorated, given and exchanged at the spring equinox or in the spring time festivals from the time of the Romans, Norse, Chinese, Egyptians and Persians. The egg remains an important part of the Jewish Passover Seder which coincides with Christians’ Easter celebrations. In most cultures they represent the circle of life, fertility, rebirth.

In recent history, Edward I, in 1290 is said to have ordered 450 eggs to be gold-leafed and coloured for Easter! In 1883 Carl Faberge created his first magnificent Egg as a gift from the Czar to his wife. This began their family tradition – fifty-seven eggs in all!

Chocolate eggs first appeared in the early 1800’s and soon they became the popular treat that is now one of the most recognized symbols of the celebration of the Easter.

Not quite as elaborate as the magnificent Faberge eggs of the 1800’s, these smocked eggs make beautiful gifts for giving or as sugar-free eggs for children’s egg hunts on Easter morning. Stitch them in pastels, brilliant colours, tone-on-tone for texture or slip in some bling in the form of beads or metallic threads.

Just have fun creating!

Price: $4.00 each
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Design 1 Beginner
A smocking design for the beginner, this egg features several basic stitches. Try different colours or threads, thread ribbon through the smocking or add beads to the cable stitches. Make them your own and have fun creating!
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Design 2 Intermediate
This intermediate design features the Triple Diagonal Honeycomb Stitch. Work it in pastels or brilliant colours. Try smocking with tone-on-tone threads to give texture, grading colour from dark to light within groups of diagonals, use variegated flosses all starting at the same point in colour change for each row or add beads for a touch of bling. See what changes you can create.
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Design 3 Advanced
This is an advanced smocking design featuring the Cretan Stitch and Slant Needle Feather Stitch. This design has little stretch so be sure to let out the pleats to size when stitching. The Cretan stitch is layered allowing for changes in colour and addition of beads to different parts of the stitch.

The Feather stitch (the softer slant needle as opposed to the straight needle) is smocked in the ‘basic alternating’ form as well as the ‘2-step alternating’ form.

Try different threads, add beads or use metallic threads for creative effects
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Smocked Easter Eggs
Smock a set of little Easter eggs and save the sugar and chocolate for another time! These beginner level Easter Eggs leave you lots of scope for variation within the rows of smocking and use of colour. You may have spotted them in an article by Judith in “A Needle Pulling Thread“ magazine a couple of years ago. It is suggested that you chose firm Styrofoam forms or plastic eggs for these smocked eggs which measure approximately 3” tall x 5 ¾” in circumference. See what variations on the basic stitching designs you can create.

Price: $4.00
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The Ruffled Smocked Baby Bib
This adorable smocked and ruffled bib was originally designed by Melanie Woodall of Smocking Unlimited in 1986. She graciously agreed to allow me to update and revise her original pattern. We may think of this bib in terms of frilly little girls, but little boys can also wear this bib for special occasions without lace and plain hem or in a print with rickrack edging (think of dinosaur teeth!) Smocking design included.

Price: $4.00
Hallowe'en Balls
This series of leaflets is a wonderful introduction to stacking cables. The simple shapes lend themselves to a teaching lesson and yet are interesting enough for even the most experienced smocker! Some are faster to work than others but all are fun and encourage your creativity! Series of four: 'Ghosts & Spiders', 'Jack-o'-lanterns', 'Bats & Cats', 'Witches Spiders & Brooms' .
These leaflets have been updated with current graph paper and all instructions are now included in each leaflet.

Price: $4.00 each

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